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Legacy Application Modernisation

As applications progress through their life cycle organisations are faced with addressing non-functional requirements such as maintainability, compatibility, portability, extensibility and security.

Examples of issues that arise are:

  • Software components or frameworks become outdated and unsupported.

  • API incompatibility with other applications.

  • Applications cannot run on newer and supported operating systems.

  • Functional extensions to the application are not easily designed, developed or deployed.

  • Security vulnerabilities cannot be addressed in obsolete software versions.


For some organisations, circular dependencies mean that it is difficult to know what the next step should be to modernise legacy applications.


The Innovate Digital (Fiji) team can provide interim support for older technologies while identifying a roadmap or strategy forward. An application audit will identify critical components and risk areas, but a “business first” approach will ensure recognition that “business drives technology”.


Our skilled and experienced practitioners have the expertise to update applications in order to minimise risk, bring application components back into support and provide enhanced business functionality.

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